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In times of financial struggles, payday loans are one of the best options that you can look into. With these types of loan options, you can access the money relatively quickly and easily. You can even apply online from reputable introducers like and get instant funding on the same day you made your application. And if you want a short-term loan that will give you a high chance of approval, high acceptance payday loans direct lenders are the options that you can consider direct lenders are one of the best options for you can consider.

Payday Lenders High Acceptance Loan

High Acceptance Payday Loans Direct Lenders in the UK

No matter how carefully you plan and budget your finances, you can still find yourself in situations where you will need emergency funding right away. But how do you guarantee that your lender is the right high acceptance loan for you and your present circumstances? Doing a little internet research would help you in such endeavour. Look into the potential lender's history and track record in dealing with their customers. Generally, customer reviews and testimonials will provide an accurate reflection of the kind of loan and services you can expect. With a little time and effort, you will surely land on a reputable lender that will be right for you and your needs like, alternatively an introducer will have reviewed lenders on your behalf and only have contracts with lenders that are known and trusted. Here at, we trust our lending portfolio, this means we can save you a huge amount of research time.

Benefits of High Acceptance Loans Direct Lenders

Taking out payday loans high acceptance rate from direct lenders will give you exclusive benefits such as:

  • You won't have to pay additional for the services of a broker to secure a reliable loan
  • You can personally compare quotes from as many lenders as you prefer
  • Every direct lender that provides high acceptance payday loans high approval is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This means that they will need to follow certain rules designed to protect borrowers like you. So if you are considering these kinds of quick financing, know that they are offered with your best interest in mind.

Drawbacks of using a high acceptance payday loans direct lenders UK

  • Each lender will want to do a check on your credit record, meaning you could end up with multiple credit checks.
  • Searching the market can be time-consuming and complicated, especially when industry terminology is used.
  • Different lenders use different figures and terms making it hard to make an accurate comparison.
  • You could end up with a bad interest rate because you missed a lender you didn’t know about.

What to Expect from Payday Loans Direct Lenders High Acceptance

So what can you expect from payday loans high acceptance rate offered by direct lenders? There are plenty and they include:

  • Seamless Application
    The application process for these high acceptance loans is relatively seamless and because the entire transaction can be accomplished online, you don't have to fax any documents or set up an appointment with your lender.
  • Multipurpose Use
    You can use the money that you received in any way you see fit as long as it is for a legitimate purpose. You can use the money to pay for a car or home repairs, shop groceries, or even take a small vacation.
  • FCA Regulated
    The (FCA) strictly regulates how much lenders can charge interest rates for their loan services.
  • Bad credit is OK
    - You can have a high chance of getting accepted even if you have bad credit. As long as you meet the lender's basic eligibility criteria, especially having a steady source of income, obtaining the loan is almost guaranteed.

If you are at least 18 years of age, a legal resident of the UK, and have an active bank account (for online applications), you can take out a payday loan direct lenders high acceptance with high approval rates with ease.

Payday Loan High Acceptance

The first thing you may be wondering is what is a payday loan and what makes it high acceptance. A payday loan is a type of credit that is usually paid out to the customer quickly and is paid back to the lender on the customer's next payday, the day they are due to receive their wages or sometimes benefits.  People choose to have the repayment at this time as they know they will have the funds to cover the loan repayment thus completing the lending contract.

A high acceptance loan is a type of credit with a small number of requirements. Requirements are things that a lender requires from a customer to be accepted, requirements such as; a guarantor, good credit history or score, a job, a house, the list go on. So, a high acceptance payday lender is one that has fewer hoops for their customers to jump through, meaning the customer is more likely to be accepted for the finances.

A payday loan with high acceptance will often have a higher interest rate due to what the UK direct lenders see as a higher risk loan. Due to the small number of requirements for the credit, it is classed as high risk to the lender, so they offer these high acceptance loans at a slightly higher rate of interest than those with more lending requirements but with the help of PickALoan, you can get the best acceptance payday loans UK.

Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval Direct Lenders

No lender can guarantee the approval of a loan before they know about the customer and their circumstances, a broker or an introducer can ‘almost’ guarantee a loan approval because they have a huge lending panel meaning they can match a customer’s circumstances to a lenders requirements. So, for this reason, it is better not to the lender directly even the online payday loans direct lenders cannot guarantee pre-approval.

If you do however want to persist with getting direct payday lenders loans, then you just need to check each of the lenders directly to ensure you are getting the best high acceptance loans direct lender rates. You will need to do this so that you can make a comparison of the total repayment, the interest rate and the terms of the credit set out by the company. If you have the time and the mental compatibility to go to each lending company get their offer and compare the financial contract you could save money on your total loan repayment but if you miss the best payday loans direct lender then you could cost yourself in the end.

Tips on How To Get The Best Payday Loans UK

For a customer to get the best payday credit there are few things they can do to help themselves. Things that will help with your application and rates are; being employed, having a good credit score or credit history, not having any existing debt, have a large enough disposable income that you can afford to make repayments comfortably.

Although all the tips above will help you to get accepted for the loans with the best rates of interest they are not a necessity, each lender will have their own list of requirements that are necessary but here at PickALoan we will match the requirements you can meet with the best lender on the financial market.

Key points

  • You can now obtain affordable high acceptance payday loans from direct lenders online.
  • Amounts of up to £25,000 can be borrowed with smaller loans paid out the same day.
  • Individuals with bad credit may also apply and no guarantor is needed.


How easy is it to apply for high acceptance payday loans?

These days, the process of applying for payday loans has become easier than ever. All you need to do is complete the application form on the website and ensure that you provide all of the requested information. One or more lenders will contact you to offer you a loan and after you have accepted a product, the cash will be deposited into your account – usually, on the same day, your application has been approved.

If I have a bad credit history, can I still apply?

You most definitely can till apply if your credit history is not as good as it should be. There are many lenders who are now willing to work with individuals who have a bad credit history.

Will I be able to access my loan funds on the same day?

In most cases, the funds for your loan will be deposited into your bank account on the same day that your application is approved. Although there may be times where it can take longer, the lender you are working with will inform you in this regard.

Can I borrow as much money as I like?

The amount of money that you will be allowed to borrow will depend on your current income as well as the number of expenses you cover each month. Once it has been determined how much money you have left each month, a suitable loan amount will be calculated.

How much interest will be charged on my loan?

The amount of interest that will be levied on your loan depends on your current financial circumstances and the amount of time you need to repay it in full. Loans for smaller amounts that are repaid over a shorter time will usually incur less interest than those that are being repaid over a longer timeframe.

Will I be spammed with marketing calls after applying for a loan?

When completing the application form, you will be able to tick a few boxes so that you can opt-out of receiving any future marketing offers. We also ensure that your private information will never be sold, rented, or shared with any unauthorised parties or organisations at any time.