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If you need money urgently and simply don’t have the time and patience to go through tedious documentation processing and falling into long queues just to explain your reason for obtaining a loan, then taking out a loan online is what you need. You can take out the 10000 loan from reputable sources like us at pickaloan.co.uk and have the money that you need in just a single day. What’s more, you don’t need to do any printing or scanning paperwork. Simply fill out an application form online and submit it, wait for several minutes for an approval decision and once you are approved, you will have your money in a day or two.
It really is that quick and easy!

10000 Loan Options

If you are looking for a large amount of loan like a £10,000 loan, payday loans surely won’t be one of your options. While payday loans are quick and convenient,  they are normally offered in small amounts from £100 to £1,000. The same can be said with doorstep loans, while extremely convenient forms of quick cash, they can only be availed for smaller amounts. With that being said, the best 10000-pound loan options that you can look into include:

  1. Personal Loans
  2. Guarantor Loans
  3. Logbook Loans


Personal Loans

Personal loans are normally unsecured forms of 10,000 loans where you borrow a fixed amount from a lender and pay it back in an agreed duration of time through fixed monthly repayments.  An interest rate will be charged in your 10000 loan as a form of fee for the money that you borrowed. This means that at the end of the duration, you will be paying both the total amount that you owed plus its interest rate. The best thing about the loan is that you can obtain money upfront and pay it back in small chunks making it easy for you to make a budget for your repayment. Aside from this, the other advantages that you can enjoy with personal loans include:

  1. You can borrow money from £10,000 to as much as £25,000 from a reputable online lender like (website name) with a seamless application and quick money payouts.
  2. You can borrow money more than your credit card
  3. Interest rates are usually fixed
  4. You have the option to choose how long you can repay the loan. The longer the period, the lesser the interest rates normally will be.
  5. You can consolidate a number of loans into one personal 10000 loan helping you reduce the costs associated with paying out your debts.
  6. You can pay off your debt early before the agreed period without incurring any penalty whatsoever.


Secured personal loans

While personal loans are generally unsecured, you also have the option to take out a 10k loan through an unsecured personal loan. If you have your own home, car, or any property, you can use it as collateral and enjoy better loan terms in general. Just remember, however, that there is a risk involved in doing so. In the event that you won’t be able to payout your loan, the lender has the legal right to take possession of your home or car to cover the money that you owe them.

Guarantor Loans £10,000

If its still your first time taking out a 10000 loan or you have a bad credit history, putting in a guarantor could help you sweeten your loan deal. The type of 1000 pound loan is similar to an unsecured personal loan; the only difference is that in a guarantor loan a friend or family member agrees to share the payment responsibility in your loan. It doesn’t mean that the person will be contributing in your regular payments but means that in the event that you can’t make your repayments, the guarantor will step in and carry the responsibility.

Normally, the cost associated with paying back your guarantor loan 10000 will be determined by several factors including:

  1. The Amount You Borrow – The amount you can borrow from a guarantor loan normally ranges from £1,000 and £10,000. Your repayments will be divided equally which means you will have to pay the same amount every month until you have completely paid off your loan.
  2. APR – The APR is basically the interest rate attached to your loan. Guarantor loans normally have lesser APR’s compared to other quick loans.
  3. Loan Term – This tells the period in which you will have to pay back your loan. Many lenders provide terms from 1-5 years, but a shorter term will give you lesser costs overall.

The guarantor loan will give you the money that you need if you are struggling to secure an unsecured 10000 loan because of bad credit.

Your Guarantor

Anyone can be your guarantor as long as that person holds a close relationship with you and trusts you to be a partner in a loan deal. It can be a friend, family member, or a co-worker. However, they must still meet certain requirements that lenders like (website name) will normally look into a potential guarantor which includes:

  1. At least 18 years old (some lenders require them to be over 21)
  2. Fully employed and enjoying a stable income
  3. Someone other than your spouse
  4. The guarantor has a separate bank account from the borrower

Your guarantor will be the one to carry the burden of the loan’s repayment if you are unable to, so be sure that they understand this crucial responsibility before you make your application.

Logbook loans

Logbook loans are 10000 loans secured on your vehicle. This means that the lender will have temporary ownership of your vehicle in the duration of the loan term. The good thing about the 10k loan, though, is that you can keep driving your vehicle as long as you make the repayments of the loan.

How  logbook loans work

Logbook loans aren’t readily available on the high street so you should look on the internet from renowned lenders, or use a broker to really help. You can borrow as much as £50,000, depending on how much your car is worth – normally lenders will allow you to borrow 50% and sometimes even 70% of your car’s value. When you decide to take out the 10000 loan, you will need to surrender your vehicle’s logbook or vehicle registration document. These documents verify that you are the legitimate owner of such vehicle.

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