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Key points

  • 12 month loans with no credit check are an opportunity for customers with a very poor credit history to borrow larger amounts of money that banks may not have given to them.
  • Customers have the choice of picking between a secured loan and an unsecured one depending on the lender they choose to work with.
  • Yearly loans have a long gestation period, so customers have enough time to pay back the loan amount along with the additional interest.

12 Month Loans No Credit Check Direct Lender

Having a bad credit spells rejection. Banks and traditional lending facilities are strict with their requirements, and as much as possible, they want a flawless credit history. However, this doesn’t mean that you can never have your hand in the extra cash you desire. Thanks to installment loans no credit check, acquiring a large amount of debt is easy.

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Loan Options

When applying for 12 month loans no credit check direct lenders, you have two options to choose from: secured loans and unsecured loans. However, even if the choice is yours, you must still consider your financial status. If you have a bad credit, you will either end up rejected or with a small amount and expensive interest rate.

Reducing the interest rate is possible as long as you choose secured loans. Since the lender sees you as a high risk, you may put collateral to gain their trust. It can be a car, a title, a house, a gadget, or any property. Whatever it is, it must be anything of value. This will compensate the loan in case of default; meaning, failure to repay the loan gives the lender the right to put the asset on the market and use the money to settle the remaining debt. Because of the asset, the borrower may apply for a higher amount that comes with a lower interest rate.

Choosing unsecured loan, on the other hand, comes with a lower amount and a high-interest rate. The expensive fees discourage those who are not sure about their finances. Since there is no collateral to surrender, the lender will charge costly rates instead. On the bright side, it is ideal for borrowers who have no asset to offer, or even homeowners who don’t want to risk their properties. Also, since there will be no asset to verify, the loan application process is shorter, therefore, allowing the borrower to get his cash at the soonest possible time.

Benefits Of Installment Loans

Obviously, having a poor credit score makes you less attractive to the borrower; however, cases such as late payments, bankruptcy, defaults, arrears, and CCJs are almost inevitable. Luckily, lenders nowadays have become more flexible and considerate with their requirements, that’s why even with a low credit rating, you can still borrow money.

Whether it’s your first time to borrow installment loans or not, here are some advantages that you should take note:

Longer Terms, Smaller Monthly Payments

Installments loans can be settled in less than a year or up to 10 years, depending on the amount and agreement. With installment loans, you have the freedom to choose amount and payment term. The longer the term is, the lower the amount that you need to repay on a monthly basis.


Contrary to the belief that a larger amount means slower application process, installment loans offer fast money. Usually, the borrower can get it in as fast as two weeks. This is beneficial if you want to consolidate loans and you want to avoid penalties due to late payments, or if you need to settle medical bills.

Fixed Monthly Payment

From beginning up to the end, you are guaranteed to repay the same amount. Fixed interest rates are offered so that the borrower doesn’t need to be anxious about increasing or decreasing interest rate.

12 Month Loan FAQs

How do they work?

12 month loans no credit check are long term loans. As a result, customers can borrow huge sums and have 12 months or more to make repayments. The beauty of these types of loans is that lenders sometimes do not conduct a credit check before approving the loan. This means that people who have been rejected by banks and other big financial institutions can drop a request, and a direct UK lender may be willing to give them the loan without necessarily considering their current credit ratings.

Instalment loans such as these will require some form of collateral or guarantor because of the magnitude of risk and low-interest rates involved. A landed property, a car or any other valuable property will be enough should you wish to offer collateral.

Which type of loan should I choose?

With instalment loans, you choose to work with a secured or an unsecured option. Secured 12 months loans are the best because you can greatly reduce the interest you are expected to pay by providing a collateral. Unsecured loans, on the other hand, are not so palatable. They attract hidden charges because the lender has to put the high-risk involved in consideration before giving the money to you. An Unsecured loan does not allow you borrow a lot of money.

Are 12 months loans very slow?

In the past, instalment loans that will last for a long time usually take very long before they get approved. Recently, a lot of things have changed for the better. The borrower will receive the cash advance within 2 weeks if delays are not encountered. So if you need the money urgently, an opportunity now exists for you to fast track the application process and get your cash. All of these depends on your ability to match the direct lender’s requirements in good time.

How much money can I borrow?

You can borrow up to £15000 if you want to do so. Interest rates changes as the amount of money you wish to borrow increases. Your collateral or the guarantor present will determine whether a lender will give you the specific amount that you request for or not. But try to borrow the specific sum of money that you need so that you don’t encounter difficulties when it’s time to make repayments.

How do I apply for a loan?

This is super easy, just complete the online request application form and wait for a response. If everything works out, you should get hints on what next to do within minutes.

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