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5000 Loan Bad Credit no Guarantor: Important Points to Consider

Securing a £5,000 loan can be easier with a guarantor if you have bad credit. The guarantor acts as someone who will make the loan payments as and when you miss any of them, which to the lender offsets the risk associated with your bad credit history and rating. However, finding someone who will act as a guarantor on your loan is no walk in the park. Meaning it isn’t an option for everyone, so if you simply can’t source a guarantor for your loan, you can still take out a 5000 loan bad credit no guarantor from reputable lenders online with the help of us here at PickALoan.

What is a bad credit no guarantor loan?

It is really simple, this type of finance is for customers who have poor credit history and score but don’t have a guarantor to use as back up. Lenders who accept poor or bad credit will have a range of loan options including a non-guarantor one.

How will no guarantor affect my 5000 bad credit loan?

By not having the back up of a guarantor and having a poor credit history the lender may consider you a high risk investment, this can mean a few things for the customer. The customer may not be able to apply for a large loan figure; meaning they might not be able to get the full 5000 they were looking for, the customer may not be able to have the loan over a long repayment term, they may even be subjected to higher interest rates. We can review our fantastic lending panel to find the lenders who can offer the customer the figure they want at the best rates.

Personal 5000 Bad Credit Loans

Personal loans are the best unsecured options that you can consider if you want to take out a £5,000 loan that you can use for any purpose whether it involves making home improvements or taking a much-needed vacation. If you have a good credit standing, you will find that interest rates have never been lower in the UK today. If you have bad credit, there are still numerous lenders who are willing to cater your needs with loan offers that come in competitive deals. To take out a bad credit personal loan without  any guarantor, you must meet basic eligibility requirements that include:

  1. A legal Resident of the UK and at least 18 years of age
  2. Possess Any Credit Rating
  3. Steady Source of Income (but could be pension or benefits)
  4. Payments are affordable to you and your present income
  5. Employment is not necessary (self-employment is typically welcome)
  6. No guarantor or co-signer generally required

It’s important to remember, however, that your loan deal would often come with higher interest rates if you have bad credit as compared to if you have a good credit standing. And because there is no guarantor that will act as security in your loan deal, lenders will normally have to put higher interest rates to offset the risk reflected in your bad credit rating.

What  to Consider in Your 5000 Bad Credit Personal Loan

Aside from meeting basic eligibility requirements such as being a legal UK resident and at least 18 years of age, there are also other things that you might want to consider when taking out the cheapest 5000 loan and they include:

  • Go beyond the £5,000 amount only if it’s extremely necessary.
  • Repay the loan as fast as you can. This way, you can save a lot of money from the monthly interest rates attached to your loan deal.
  • Ensure that you are financially capable to make the proper repayments of your loan.
  • Make your repayments on time to avoid blemishing your credit rating further.

The Other Alternatives

Personal loans are unsecured which means that you don’t have to put up any form of assets like your home or car to secure much-needed funding. You can also consider taking out a secured 5000 loan bad credit no guarantor and enjoy lower interest rates and cheaper overall APRs. Because there is a collateral attached to the loan that offsets your bad credit rating, lenders will normally charge you with cheaper rates and better loan deals overall. Just be sure to keep up with your payments, though, as you will risk losing your property if you default on your loan.

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