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Bad Credit Payday Loans

There are plenty of challenges that people face in obtaining a loan, from credit checks to proof of income and even legal residency. And often, having a bad credit can be a huge obstacle to get that much-needed funding especially in times of emergency situations, when you are desperate for a loan. If you want to take out a quick and easy loan that will get you approved even if you have bad credit, bad credit payday loans are some of the great options that you can consider.

uk payday loans for very bad credit

Bad credit payday loans

There are plenty of reputable lenders who provide loans for people with bad credit which can be a solid option if you have been refused for credit elsewhere. Payday loans for bad credit are perfect for people who want to take out a short-term loan that is unsecured (there is no collateral involved). These types of loans are normally offered between  £50 – £1,000 and can be borrowed for a few weeks or longer depending on the loan deal and the lender providing it. And once your application is approved, you can have the money that you availed for deposited into your bank account in the same day.

Online Payday Loans for Bad Credit

The great thing about payday bad credit loans is that they can be accessed online from various lenders. All you need to do is make an application over the internet and the lender will make a decision on whether you are qualified for the loan in a matter of minutes. Normally, as long as you are in the legal borrowing age of 18 years old, have a steady source of income that can afford the loan and its payments and have an active bank account, your chances of getting approved are solid even if you have an adverse credit rating. With online payday loans for bad credit, you can enjoy:

  1. Quick and seamless applications with zero paperwork and faxing involved
  2. Fast online decisions that can happen within minutes
  3. Same day funding once your application is approved
  4. Borrow anywhere from £50 – £1,000 that can be used for any purpose
  5. Safe and secure transactions over the internet

What’s more, you don’t need to be employed to get approved for funding. Retirees and people living under benefit are welcome to apply as long as they meet the basic eligibility requirements of the loan.

Do you need a guarantor for a payday loan?

Customers who get a payday loan are either in a rush, only need the money for a very short period or they have a poor credit score and/or credit history. People with poor credit will often need to provide a guarantor as a guarantee for the repayments, but this will usually be for loans over a longer period of time, a payday loan, as a rule, is only for one calendar month.  So you can get payday loans bad credit no guarantor easier than long-term loans with no guarantor.

Applying for bad credit payday loans

If you are considering taking out payday loans for bad credit, you need to be wary of lenders that are unauthorised by the Financial Conduct Authority or the FCA. The FCA has put strict rules and regulations on how much lenders can lend to borrowers, the fees that they can charge and much more to protect borrowers from getting into an unmanageable debt. With that being said, only work with lenders that are authorised by the FCA. You will normally see a lender’s FCA registration at the bottom of their website. You can also manually check a lender if it’s a member of the FCA by visiting the FCA’s website.

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