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Blacklisted Loans: The Loans that You Need!

Key points

  • Blacklisted loans are for people who have struggled financially and have a very bad credit rating as a result.
  • These are unique loans designed to help people faced with financial difficulties and are require urgent assistance.
  • With a blacklist loan, people can gradually build their credit rating until they become financially free again.

We have all had our own fair share of financial hardships and that’s something that perhaps all of us can mutually agree on. While some of us managed to pull ourselves out of the financial quicksand, others aren’t quite so lucky and had to default on their loans. With a blemished financial record and poor credit history, they became “blacklisted” and banks and other traditional financing institutions won’t even bother looking at their loan applications no matter how dire their current financial situation is. The blacklisted loans are intended for borrows who have an incredibly bad credit history but need to consolidate their debts and get themselves out of financial difficulties. This can often be done with a larger loan, paying off all existing debts but paying back the one loan over a longer period.

In case you find yourself in the same distressing scenario, what are the options that you can look into?

blacklisted loans available from uk lenders

Available Loans for Blacklisted

The truth is, there are several ways for you to obtain a loan legally even if you are blacklisted. While banks normally won’t entertain this as they consider blacklisted people as credit risks, there are private loan companies like (website name) who are always willing and ready to assist. These companies offer loans for blacklisted borrowers and those who have a bad and poor credit history. Some of the options available include:

  1. Unsecured loans/ personal loans
  2. Guarantor loans
  3. Payday loans
  4. Logbook loans
  5. Doorstep loans

Personal Blacklisted Loans

Even if you possess a bad credit, you can still obtain a personal loan from a lender who is willing to strike a deal with you. The maximum amount of money that you can take out a personal loan will vary from lender to lender and from your financial capacity to pay. You can take out  £5000 and even £25000 from a reputable lender like “website name”. As a good rule of thumb, the larger the sum that you borrow, the lower the interest rate and conversely the lower the amount the bigger the interest rate. Generally, what’s great about personal loans are:

  1. Loans for blacklisted no credit checks
  2. Fast Approvals
  3. Good Opportunity to Improve Credit
  4. Gain access to large amounts of Money

The best thing to do, however, is to look for a lender that provides the best deal. The lender doesn’t necessarily have to offer the lowest of interest or APR but it should be one that meets your needs.

Guarantor Loans for Blacklisted

If you can’t qualify for a personal loan even if you have a collateral in place, another solid option would be a guarantor loan. All it takes is to find someone who is willing to act as a guarantor in your behalf so you can take out the loan that you need. The guarantor enters a legal contract that basically makes him equally responsible for your debt should you default or miss on your payments as agreed. Some of the advantages of this type of loan include:

  1. Allows you to take out a larger loan that you could from other types of blacklisted loans
  2. Gives you the chance to rebuild your credit by making consistent repayments, on time
  3. Very affordable and accessible

It’s not easy to find someone who will enter into a loan agreement with you as a guarantor, however, but taking this loan may also be the only way for you to get the money that you need.

Payday Loans for Blacklisted

If you need urgent loans for blacklisted, payday loans may prove to be your best option. These type of loan are essentially great cash advances for anyone who can make the proper payment on time. When you apply for a no fax payday loan from (website name) you can even become approved in less than a day for as much as £1000.

This loan is ideal for paying off unforeseen expenses like car repairs, going on a short vacation, or buying something important but you currently don’t have the money for it. The seamless process, quick approval time, and convenient money transfer which can have your money deposited into your checking account in a few hours is what makes this type of loan unique. As long as you are above 18 years of age, have a monthly salary and a checking account, you are eligible for the loan even if you have a very bad credit history.

Logbook loans for Blacklisted

If you have your own vehicle, applying for a logbook loan is an option that you might want to consider. There are numerous high street lenders that provide the financial product and you can also obtain it online if you want even more convenience.  By using your own vehicle as collateral, some of the great things that you can enjoy from a logbook loan include:

  1. Quick processing– The great thing about logbook loans is that they are not only offered to people with bad credit but they also provide fast approvals that can take just a single day.  There are even lenders that provide same day approvals as long as you meet the eligibility criteria.
  2. Loans for blacklisted no credit checks – Another great thing about the loan is that there is no credit check involved. Whether you have an abysmal credit score because of numerous missed payments or defaults, you still can still avail for it as long as you have a vehicle that you can use as collateral.
  3. Large loan amounts– Putting your car as collateral, you can borrow bigger amounts than what unsecured loans offer. You can avail from £500 to as much £50,000 and pay it back after 12 months and up to 36 months, depending on the lender. Normally, lenders would allow you to take out half the value of your vehicle but there are some who are willing to lend 70% of the car’s trade value.

Just make sure to pay back the loan, however, for the obvious reason that the lender has the legal power to claim your vehicle if you fail to make the agreed payment. Basically, the lender has complete ownership of your car until you’ve repaid the loan and the interest. Speaking of interest, it’s also generally high for this type of loan so be sure to shop around and compare as many deals as possible before settling on one.

Doorstep Loans for Blacklisted

As its name suggests, doorstep loans are small cash loans that are delivered right at your doorstep on the same day you applied for it from a friendly local agent. With this type of loan, you can borrow cash from £100 to £1000 for a period of 2 weeks to a month. You can also discuss any query and concern that comes to mind with the agent beforehand if you want to make sure that the terms are suitable to your current situation. Once you have agreed, you can have the money that you need right at the very comfort of your own home.

The interest rates for doorstep loans, however, are a bit higher compared to other forms of lending. Also, make sure that you are aware of all the charges included in the loan and you can also try examining offers from different lenders so you can have that doorstep loan that matches your individual financial situation.

Surprisingly Easy and Convenient Application

Applying for a loan if you are blacklisted is easier than you think. There a number of reputable lenders that provide customers with hassle-free online applications for numerous types of financial products including personal loans, payday loans, logbook loans, and the like. Filling out the application is also pretty straightforward and will require lesser information than what your normal local bank would ask from you.

Aside from being surprisingly easy, it’s also very convenient. Once you have filled up the necessary details in your online application form, you simply need to hit the submit button and your application will be processed in the lender’s network. The result is a much faster review and quicker approval turnaround time with an application that you can submit anywhere and anytime through your personal computer, laptop, or mobile phone as long as you are connected to the internet,

Depending on the lender and your eligibility, you can get the amount of money that you have availed for in the same day as you made your application and this holds true in many of the finance products available for blacklisted borrowers including payday loans, logbook loans, and personal loans.

Once you have the money, you can use it in any way you prefer, whether it’s paying overdue bills, taking a short vacation, making necessary repairs to your car or home, and much more. The money, after all, is yours and you can use it however you see fit.

Bad Credit, No Problem!

So whether you are blacklisted, have a very bad credit, or poor to non-existent credit history, there are still reliable lenders who will work out a comfortable loan with you. There are even loans that are designed to cater the needs of the unemployed, disabled, and those who are living from government benefits.

With the right lender like (website name), you will be able to enjoy a loan service that is designed to provide you with a seamless process at the most competitive rate. The loan services are remarkably flexible and amounts can be large or small depending on your needs. You will get almost instant approvals through a secured online application and have your money deposited to your checking account or personally delivered at your doorsteps depending on the loan that you availed for.

Blacklisted Loan FAQs

Can I get a blacklisted loan without a full credit check?

This is probably why direct lenders in the UK created blacklisted loans in the first place. If you have very bad credit ratings, direct lenders will only carry out a partial credit check just to confirm that you are not a fraudulent borrower or someone who isn’t ready to improve their credit score. Lenders will also be keen to know that you are not bankrupt before they agree to give you any money.

In conclusion, every legal direct lender will carry out some form of credit check be they issue you any loan. Those who do not do so are scammers and you should avoid them at all cost.

Will a bank grant a loan request if I am blacklisted?

The answer is no. Once you are blacklisted, banks and other major financial institutions will no longer accept loan applications from you even you are in dire need of financial assistance. However, private lenders like the ones we work with may be willing to offer you one of their many blacklisted loans as long as they can verify that you will pay back the money on the agreed date.

How long do I have to wait for before I get the cash advance?

Blacklisted loans do not undergo thorough scrutiny so their approval time is usually very short. If everything checks out, the money you need should be in your bank account on the same day that you applied for it.

With some lenders, cash may not be released until the following day. But under normal circumstances, cash will be released to you within a few hours after your application was accepted.

How do I apply for a blacklisted loan?

Like every other loan formats, all you have to do is to fill the online form for the loan you want and wait for a reply from the lender who is willing to work with you. A Response may be given in real-time so you don’t have to wait too long to know whether you will be given the loan or not.

Can I take out multiple blacklisted loans?

It is highly unlikely that any lender will be willing to give you another blacklisted loan when you are yet to pay off the previous one. It is wise to pay off the loan you currently owe before requesting for another one. This way you will not hurt your credit score and you will have a real chance at improving your current financial condition.

Are there hidden charges I need to worry about?

While blacklisted loans may attract high-interest rates because of the risk the lender has to shoulder, extra charges will not arise if you do not default on paying back the loan. Charges will continue to increase only if you consistently default of the loan payment. We advise that you borrow the money you can afford.