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Key points

  • Blacklisted loans online are designed for people who have been blacklisted by County Court Judgment due to their previous financial conduct when it comes to loans.
  • With online platforms, individuals can now secure loans to solve emergency financial problems.
  • Customers can gradually build their credit worthiness by being diligent with the repayment plan.

Fast and Easy Online BlackListed Loans

If you have been blacklisted and need a loan, there are still ways for you to the funding that you need to pay off emergency bills or help you get through the days when you find yourself suddenly short of cash. There are numerous lenders in the UK who specialise in providing online blacklisted loans for people with adverse credit scores. And with the easy and secured online applications that they provide, the financial products have become popular options in the UK especially for blacklisted people who are faced with emergency financial situations.

online loans for blacklisted people

Fast Online Loans for Blacklisted

Blacklisted online loans designed for emergency borrowing provide quick and seamless transactions over the internet. And because they are offered online, the service is available for customers around the United Kingdom irrespective of their location. With the instant loans for blacklisted, you can enjoy straightforward loan applications and particularly fast services. You will normally receive a response from your lender after several minutes you made your application. And once you are approved, you should get the same day loans for blacklisted customers into your bank account on the same day you made your application or the next business day at the soonest.

Easy Online loans for Blacklisted

Online blacklisted loans are also very easy to obtain. Lenders will normally forgo credit check runs which means those negative details in your credit report will not be highlighted in your loan application. As long as you are 18 years of age, a legal resident of the UK, have an active bank account and possess a steady source of income that is enough to comfortably afford the loan and is ideal to the agreed payment terms, your chances of getting approved for fast online loans for bad credit is pretty good.

How Much You Can Borrow

The amount you can borrow will depend on the type of loan that you take out and the lender providing it. It will also depend on your present circumstances and whether your income is enough to afford the maximum amount that the lender can provide. Here are some of the amounts you can expect from different online loans blacklisted:

  • Payday Loans – Short term loans with borrowing amounts of £50 – £1,000
  • Personal Loans – Unsecured long term loans with borrowing amounts of £1,000 – £25,000
  • Guarantor Loans – Unsecured long term leans with borrowing amounts of £500 – £10,000
  • Logbook Loans – Secured loans for bad credit with borrowing amounts of £1,000 – £50,000 (Typically 50% of the trade in value of your vehicle)
  • Doorstep Loans – Short term loans that can be arranged at your home for £100 – £1,000 borrowing amounts

And, as explained earlier, the amount which you will be able to borrow will depend on your ability to repay it. The higher your income level, the better your chances of landing the maximum amount. However, keep in mind to only take out what you need and no more to avoid taking out a loan that will become an unmanageable debt to your finances.

Blacklisted Online Loan FAQs

How do I know i’m blacklisted?

Being blacklisted is not as terrible as it may sound. It just means that major lenders like banks do not want to borrow you money. This could be as a result of a debt you are struggling to pay or your attitude towards loan repayment in the past. A good way to know your current credit score is to thoroughly scrutinise details provided by a lender every time you take a credit. A County Court Judgment may also be passed against you based on the records it has received.

Can I get a blacklisted loan if I live on benefits?

Lenders are aware of the financial challenges that people sometimes have to go through. It is even more intense when it comes to people with disabilities who have to depend solely on benefits. In the light of this, lenders will be willing to give out loan to people in this category as long as they can pay it back when the time comes to do so.

Note that people on benefits may not be able to receive large sums of money from direct lenders because of their small income.

Are interest rates higher when it comes to blacklisted loans?

Giving money to people with bad credit or blacklisted individuals is generally considered to be a risk. This is why lenders have no choice but to charge more interest rates to make up for this uncertainty. In recent times, however, several lenders have manipulated their policies to better suit their customers. So there is still a chance that you will find lenders who are willing to give out loans at an average interest rate. To find these type of lenders, you may have to take time out to compare loans. Some of the lenders we work with may just have that special package that you are looking for.

Can I take multiple loans?

Doing something of this nature will do you no favours at all. The reason you were blacklisted in the first place was because you defaulted on loan repayment in the past. There absolutely no reason to get yourself into a similar situation again. The best you can do is to secure the first loan, pay it back in full before taking up another one. This way you will take some burden off yourself and even give your credit ratings a significant boost.

How do long do I have to wait to get the loan?

Blacklisted loans online are very fast these days because there isn’t too much paperwork to be done. All you have to do is to fill our online form and you could be on your way to securing the cash advance that you need.