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Guaranteed Loan Approval

Every now and then, a lot of people are in need of extra funds, thus, the huge demand for lenders. However, despite a large number of borrowers, the lending industry’s competition is very strong. This is why many loan providers are making promises to attract clients. The sad part is, not all lenders stay true to their vow.

Guaranteed loan approval is one of the things that lenders promise and without a doubt, these words are comforting enough especially if the borrower has a poor credit rating. While the criteria are easy to meet, the capability to repay the guaranteed loan needs to be verified. Meaning, if the borrower has a small income or unemployed, his chance of getting approved is still slim. Therefore, there really is no guarantee given to anyone.

That being said, there are still lenders who claim that they will grant the loans when in fact, they cannot. Applying for a loan with them may only result in more trouble so before sending your prerequisites and application form, be sure to check their background and the feedback they have from their past clients. These reviews will say a lot about the company, their customer service, and their overall performance as a lender.

What No Credit Check Really Means

Most people believe that no credit check loans mean instant approval even to those who have bad credit histories. Unfortunately, it’s not like that. Indeed, there’s a chance for the application to be granted even with a bad credit but the lender will still look for a few prerequisites. Some of the lender’s requirements are the borrower’s income and the outstanding debt they have. The income alone will not tell if the borrower is capable to repay, therefore, the lender needs to know the existing loans they have. They need to evaluate if these debts will make a direct impact on the loan in case it’s approved. Can the borrower handle multiple loans without committing default or late payments?

The Borrower’s Income

For some reasons, bad credit scores are acceptable especially if it’s not the borrower’s fault why he received a poor remark. However, if the borrower has little to no income, his capability to repay the loan is questionable. Giving the loan to someone who is not capable to repay is risky to the business.  Therefore, if the borrower’s earning is insufficient, his loan application will be affected. Even with collateral, the lender will still look for a proof that the loan will be settled.

In case the applicant cannot provide a proof of high salary, he can use a guarantor as one of his resorts. The guarantor, or cosigners, will cosign the loan contract. His role is to assist the borrower financially, meaning, he will handle the loan in case the borrower fails to do so. The guarantor’s role is huge and he cannot be just anyone; to be eligible, the cosigner should be someone who knows and trusts the borrower, has a big income, and a good credit remark.

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