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Installment Loans UK Direct Lenders

Life can be difficult at times especially when you have little to no savings. The need for cash can arise unexpectedly and if you’re desperate enough to have money, you may opt for quick cash loans without considering a few things first. Whatever the circumstance is, it is always best to go for direct lenders. By doing so, you’re giving yourself a huge favour since these lenders offer cash in the quickest way. But what are direct lenders? And why is it more beneficial to trust them when it comes to borrowing installment loans?

Understanding Direct Lenders

When borrowing a loan, you may encounter two types of person – the direct lender and the loan broker. While both individuals are helpful when asking for financial assistance, each has significant differences. A direct lender, from the name itself, offers the loan to the borrower directly. On the other hand, the loan broker only works as the middleman. He has no money to lend, however, he matches you to the lender according to your needs.

Advantages Of Choosing A Direct Lender

With various loan options to choose from, it is difficult to find which one is suitable. However, as mentioned above, it is always best to opt for direct lenders and here are the following reasons why:

Legitimate, Licensed Lenders

Whether it’s online or offline, what you want is to deal only with legitimate lenders. To operate as a direct lending company, the facility needs to hold registration and valid licenses; therefore, your safety is guaranteed when you choose this option. However, it is still necessary to find out if the business is really legitimate by going through their terms and conditions. This will also help you avoid paying for hidden charges, such as late fees or extension charges.

Faster Transaction

Since there’s no middleman involved, the entire application process is faster. The same lending company will handle your loan application, verification, and transfer of the money. There’s no need to wait for decisions because they have full control over the approval process.


The actions of a loan broker are limited as they follow specific guidelines set by the direct lender. They are not allowed to waive fees or requirements for the sake of their business because of, first of all, they are not the key decision makers. Direct lenders, on the other hand, make their own qualification guidelines, therefore, they are in control of their decisions. They can waive whatever terms and conditions they have to give their client a favour.

Personalized Solutions

Supposedly, brokers are there to assist you in finding a loan provider that will suit your preferences. However, there are brokers who will lead you to a certain lender just because they offer the best commission. The right broker or introducer, however, can introduce you to the best lender for you and your need with no price difference.

Lower Fees

Sometimes, installment loans UK direct lenders can offer more affordable fees. This is due to the fact that they are not paying anyone a commission fee for providing them with the borrower’s details, thus, there’s no need to claim back costs they have incurred. Meanwhile, some loan brokers may ask the borrowers to pay upfront for the service they offer, therefore, aside from repaying the loan, you need to cover for the broker as well.


As good as a direct lender loan can be there are obvious drawbacks. If you are on their website you are seeing just their rates, terms and information meaning you won’t have a full view of the market, this can often lead to borrowers getting bad rates of interest. If you used a comparison site you will get a full view of the market from an industry expert who you help you to make right choices for your needs and circumstances. For example, if you have a poor credit score they can even help you to get installment loans bad credit, at the correct amount for your need and the best duration for your abilities and circumstances.

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