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Quick Loans For Unemployed

Most, if not all, lenders want their borrowers to be employed as this somehow guarantee that they can repay the loan back. Apart from the employment, they require the applicants to have a good credit history to minimize the risk of defaults, late payments, and/or arrears. Nevertheless, those who are not working at the moment can still obtain money from the lending facilities.

Loans For Unemployed

There are a lot of changes happening today and most of those modifications have benefited everyone. Loans, for instance, have become more open and flexible. If you’re jobless and you’re looking for fast money, you can go for quick loans for unemployed. It doesn’t matter whether you are not working at the moment or you have a bad credit remark as long as you have another source of earnings. This means that you are welcome to submit your application but you should provide a proof of income coming from disability, unemployment, or alimony payments.

Getting To Know The Other Source Of Income

Aside from the earnings from salaries, lenders will entertain another form of income coming from these three options:


Unemployed individuals may not be able to receive wages in the meantime, however, they can ask support from public assistance. These benefits are usually provided by the government.

Alimony Payments

These are obligatory payments following a divorce. This is the pre-determined amount you receive as a spouse or former spouse as a support.


Qualified medically disabled individuals are entitled to this income. However, for the recipient to be “insured”, he/she must have enough work credits under the program.

Usually, these incomes are received on a regular basis that’s why lenders are confident in giving a loan. However, most of the quick cash loans for unemployed are expensive, depending on the lender. To reduce your expenses, you need to deal with the right lender.

Types Of Loans For Jobless Individuals

Being unemployed with a bad credit rating doesn’t mean that you can never apply for a loan at all, however, it means that not all loan options are applicable to you. Here are some financial choices that you can consider.

Secured Loans

From the name itself, you need to provide something as a security against the loan. Technically, these are collateral such as a house, a car, a gadget, etc. To avail this loan, you need to pledge an asset to the lender.

Secured loans are beneficial because it carries interest rates that are lower than the unsecured type. Borrowers are also eligible for a larger amount; however, it comes with one drawback. In case of default, the lender will legally repossess your item; the collateral will be sold and the money will be utilized to compensate the remaining loan amount.

Personal Loans

This type of loan can be used on almost anything, such as vacation, debt consolidation, medical bills, and more. The borrower is not obliged to explain the purpose of the loan, therefore, giving him enough freedom. However, the loan has a few drawbacks to consider.

The loan comes with expensive rates especially for borrowers who are not employed and/or have a bad credit rating. As a result, the borrower may have a hard time repaying the loan back. Therefore, it’s important to weigh your options before applying for this loan.

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